Blogpost:5 Fun Facts about Nose Filler!

5 Fun Facts about Nose Filler!

If you have ever disliked a feature of your nose or been unhappy with its shape, we have the treatment for you. Non Surgical Rhinoplasty is one of the most sought after medical aesthetic treatments at the moment. If you are wanting to straighten out bumps, fill out dents or just fix anything that is causing you annoyance or stress, this procedure can really help. Many are passing traditional rhinoplasty for these new alternative methods and patients have been stunned with the fantastic and very similar results!  Whether you are seeking a nose job for aesthetic or functional reasons, non surgical rhinoplasty could be the go for you!

What Filler is it?

The product that is used for this treatment is a temporary dermal filler consisting of hyaluronic acid. This is an organic substance that is already found in our body which makes it totally safe to inject into the body, when administered correctly. Some of the highest concentrations of hyaluronic acid is found within the skin and this serves as a great basis for injecting filler into the surface of the skin to create volume. Within the skin, this natural substance attracts water and therefore keeps the skin hydrated. By having more of this in the skin, the area treated can gain even more hydration and volume than usual and can give off a very youthful and plump look. The filler used for this is a thicker type of filler so that it holds shape. The great thing about this dermal filler treatment is that once injected, it is visible immediately!

It’s pain free

One of the biggest contributors to this procedure’s popularity is that it is virtually painless! That’s right, say goodbye to the idea of a super invasive, long and painful surgical nose job because this method consists of nothing but the finest of injectables needles and filler. When you come to your appointment, the Doctor will examine what will be the best way to go forth with the procedure, driven by your desired outcome. Before injecting, the area is covered with numbing cream which takes away the minimal pain of the injection. Once it is all finished, there will be no intense pain like the aftermath of a surgical job, there may only be slight swelling. 

Recovery is easy

There is no need to commit to a lengthy healing period for this procedure! Once your appointment is over you can get back to your daily activities and continue your everyday life. There is no need to cover up with bandages as there are no wounds like that of surgery. You can show off your new nose proudly to all. If there is any slight pain from swelling or bruising, this is likely to go away within 48-72 hours from the treatment. 

It is temporary

Another great thing about non surgical rhinoplasty is that it is a temporary fixture! This means that you have no need to worry about the permanency of a job. The effects of the procedure should last from 3-9 months however this can vary from patient to patient. Once this period of time is over, the filler would have dissolved harmlessly into your body and you can return for another treatment. 

Aftercare is important

It is of utmost importance to be careful with your new nose after the procedure! You will be given aftercare instructions at your appointment and you must follow these to achieve the best results from your treatment. This includes no smoking or makeup on the day of the treatment and no sport within the first 48 hours. It is best to be careful about keeping the filler in place as it first settles into its position. Further aftercare instructions are advisable upon appointment. 

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