Have you ever scrolled down your Instagram feed and seen ridiculously amazing lips from your friend’s posts or even a famous celebrity that you admire? Ever thought about getting lip dermal fillers but not sure where to go about as a first time customer? We understand there is a ton of information on this topic, and to save you exhausting hours of research, we decided to condense and compile top five common questions regarding lip fillers to simplify this for you.

Question 1: What is a lip filler?

The most popular treatment at M1 Med Beauty would be the dermal lip fillers. Lip fillers are made up of a substance called hyaluroni acid, naturally formed in our bodies.  The injectable filler will increase the volume and size of your lips. This is a temporary option to achieve aesthetically-pleasing results. 

Question 2: Should I go for 0.5ml, 1ml or 2mls?

If it is your first time getting lips done, you would most likely opt for 0.5ml or 1ml to create a natural look. Most of our patients at M1 prefer to get the 1ml because it gives enough volume. Some clients do want to emphasize a more voluminous look, so 2mls would be adequate to achieve this. However, at our clinic we will advise that you break down the 2mls into two sessions to benefit the most of the results.

Question 3: What happens in the treatment room?

Initially, you will communicate to the doctor regarding the size of lips you want to achieve. He will apply numbing cream to make sure you will be readily comfortable before the procedure. After the amount of dermal filler product has been correctly administered, the doctor will insert the fine needles to the upper and bottom section of your lips. This will only take a few minutes and after that you will see immediate results. 

Question 4: What is involved in the aftercare?

Just a gentle reminder, after receiving lip treatment it is best to not participate in sport or excess physical activity. For one week, do not go to the sauna, solarium or beach. Also, for at least two weeks, we strictly advise no dental treatments or vaccinations. For best results, we ask that you stay hydrated, 

Question 5: How long do lip fillers last?

As nothing lasts forever, so do lip fillers. Hyaluronic acid naturally breaks down naturally in your body so the longevity is not long term. Please expect the longevity of your results to last a few months. It will be different for each individual. 

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