Men and Cosmetic Treatments

Men and Cosmetic Treatments

Traditionally, cosmetic treatments were seen as a female investment. Whether it be lips, cheeks or jawline, it seemed that the focus was on creating beautiful feminine features rather than enhancing masculine ones. In the past few years though, there has been a change in attitudes towards men receiving ‘tweakments’ to enhance and refine their looks. But how did this change come about?

The concept of male grooming is now an old one. Men have been using grooming products to enhance their appearance since Ancient Egypt, where the Pharaohs popularised using oils to improve their hair and skin. Men’s fashion and grooming has continued to follow the style of the ruling monarchs until Alexander the Great started encouraging cropped, close hairstyles instead of the larger style favoured by King Louis XIV. Now, instead of focusing just on hair, male grooming has moved into the world of cosmetic treatments.

According to studies by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, the amount of men undergoing surgical interventions to enhance their appearance has increased by over 110% since 2000, with 4,614 men going under the knife in 2015 alone. Although surgical procedures such as breast reduction surgery and eyelid surgery are popular, non-surgical treatments are also experiencing a popularity boom. Anti-wrinkle injections are becoming increasingly common as men strive to look younger in the workplace and minimize fine lines and wrinkles. In fact, some cosmetic doctors report 10 to 15% of their patients are males seeking muscle relaxant treatments.

It’s not just everyday men undertaking these treatments; men in the A-List are consistently turning to cosmetic treatments to give them an edge in an image-focused market. Simon Cowell, mega-producer and TV host, regularly receives anti-wrinkle treatments and speaks about his experiences publically, and the fashion mogul Tom Ford has talked about his Restylane and anti-wrinkle injection regime in the past. More and more cosmetic treatments for men are becoming the norm.

Of course, there are differences between performing tweakments on men rather than women. For example, men can have thicker skin than women, can have greasier skin and generally require more product to achieve the desired results. Luckily, our M1 doctors are especially trained to navigate these differences and create natural, handsome results that will boost any aesthetic.

What do you think of cosmetic treatments for men? Which treatments would you have? Let us know in the comments down below. If you’re thinking about trying a cosmetic treatment, book your complimentary consultation today with one of our expert doctors.