The World's Weirdest Beauty Treatments

The World’s Weirdest Beauty Treatments

The World's Weirdest Beauty Treatments

From simple every day routines to once in a lifetime treatments, beauty therapy has come a long way since women used to rub lead on their skin to look paler (no, we’re not making that up!) Luckily, beauty treatments have become less deadly and more delightful as new technologies were developed to maintain youthful skin. Sometimes, however, beauty treatments cross over from wonderful to weird, as this list will show! Here are some of the weirdest beauty treatments available today:

The Vampire Facial

Who says your blood needs to stay in your body? Kim Kardashian made headlines around the world when she snapped a selfie of her covered in her own blood in the pursuit of youthful skin. The treatment involves withdrawing blood from the face, separating the red blood cells and the platelets in a centrifuge then injecting the platelets back into the skin.  It is designed to encourage collagen and elastin production, while also hydrating the skin and stimulating antioxidant production. Youthful, glowing skin with no coffin required!

Crocodile Dung

There’s no end to what people will put on their faces in the search for youth, although this one made us do a double take! Crocodile droppings were considered to have highly potent anti-aging properties by the well-to-do of Ancient Rome and Greece. The product was dissolved in a bath with mud and soaked in or made into a face mask. For some women who were ‘dedicated to luxury’, according to Greek physician Galen, a mask of pure crocodile dropping was preferred. Talk about a stinky skin solution!

The Ramen Bath

It’s good advice to not eat your beauty products, even if they contain tasty ingredients like caviar. However, a spa in may have created a beauty experience that’s almost good enough to eat! The Yunessan Spa House in Hakone, Japan, has created a bespoke spa experience where guests can bathe in a rick pork based broth complete with noodles. The pork both is rich in collagen, which helps boosts skins elasticity and vitality, so it’s not just about flavour! The spa also offers wine, coffee and green tea spas for those in the mood for a drink. Bring your own chopsticks! 

Sweat Treatments

Whether it’s working out at the gym or relaxing in a sauna, one thing is for certain: a good sweat can do amazing things for your skin. It’s no wonder then that sweat treatments are the next big thing for giving skin that revitalized glow. Celebs like Selena Gomez swear by the treatment, which involves being wrapped up and placed under FAR infrared lights. These lights warms the core temperature of the body to promote sweating, which in turn can improve the tone, texture and appearance of the skin. It also promotes sleeping if you’re looking to catch a few extra hours.

Which of the weirdest beauty treatments would you try? Luckily, our beauty treatments don’t involve noodles or poop: just high quality product administered by experienced professionals. Looking to enhance your lips, or get rid of those stubborn wrinkles? Get in touch today to see how M1 Med Beauty can help you achieve your beauty goals!