Jawline Reduction

Jawline Reduction


We’ve all been guilty of lusting after a strong, defined jawline. We see it on celebrities, in magazines, on billboards, on Instagram and think “If only I could have a jawline you could grate cheese on!” Your jawline frames your face and balances out all your other features; if it’s not exactly how you like it, your eyes, nose and lips can seem out of proportion and just not ‘right’. It used to be that you had two options if you wanted a jawline like Ruby Rose or Zac Efron: hours of tedious jaw exercises to build up definition the old-fashioned way, or undergo a mentoplasty, a costly and highly invasive chin reconstruction. Call us crazy, but we’d like to avoid anything that involves grinding away excess bone to create a new chin shape. That’s why, when a new face slimming technique using anti-wrinkle injections was developed, we were quick to jump on that trend! But what does this treatment exactly involve, and who is it suitable for? Read on to find out more.

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This treatment focuses on the masseter, a masticatory muscle at the base of the jaw. Over time, this muscle can become larger due to stress indicators such as grinding your teeth when you sleep, or everyday habits like excessive chewing. As the muscle enlarges, it creates the appearance of a much larger jaw than you actually have To complete the treatment, an experienced doctor will inject the required amount of anti-wrinkle product into the masseter in a series of injection. This will effect the whole muscle and cause it to relax; over time it will also lose some muscle mass. The result is a naturally slimmer face without the need for invasive surgery! It also has the added benefit of stopping you being able to your teeth from grinding together at night, leading to less tension headaches and less muscle build up. It’s a win win! It’s not all positive results however; the anti-wrinkle product can take at least 14 days to show its full effect so you’ll have to be patient. But, seeing as this kind of treatment can last for up to a year, what’s another 4 days? What do you think of this treatment? Is it something you would ever have? For more information, head over to our facial slimming treatment.