The World's Most Expensive Beauty Treatments

The World’s Most Expensive Beauty Treatments

The World's Most Expensive Beauty Treatments

It’s no secret that the search for eternal beauty can cost big bucks. There are all sorts of treatments sold all over the world that cost a pretty penny and promise the earth; but are they actually effective? We took a deep dive into the world’s most expensive beauty treatments to see if they were really worth the price, or if you should put your credit card away instead!


As an ingredient, gold has a range of anti-ageing benefits for the skin. However, most moisturisers and serums contain a very small quantity of the precious metal, so your bank account needn’t worry! In Malibu you can throw caution (and your budget) to the wind with a US$4000 whole body treatment using 24 karat gold sheets soaked in serums. They are left to infuse on the skin using ‘ultrasonic nano mist and ions’: sounds more like a science fiction film than a beauty treatment!


For those who want to treat their skin like a treasure chest, the HD Diamond and Ruby Peel has been invented. Used by mega-celebs like Mila Kunis, the treatment uses finely ground diamonds and rubies to buff away any impurities in the skin without any damage. The treatment will set you back a cool US$8,900. Call us crazy, but we’d much rather wearing those diamonds and rubies than having them on our skin! Which would you prefer?


There’s nothing like a relaxing bath to wash away the stresses of a long day. A hotel in Miami, Florida, is taking this relaxation to the next level with the Evian Experience, a luxury bath of 1,000 litres of natural Evian spring water. It’s a favourite treatment of Serena Williams, who also enjoyed the spa treatments, expensive champagne and especially created food that comes along with the treatment. Williams says ‘Evian is a sponsor of the US Open, which I’ve won the last few years, so I guess you can say the water has been lucky for me.’ We think we’ll just take a lotto ticket, instead of shelling out US$5000 for the treatment and an extra US$6000 for the penthouse suite it comes in.

One things for sure: if you can afford to pay more than a month’s worth of rent on a beauty treatment, more power to you! But for those looking for luxury without breaking the bank, our range of treatments will be sure to fit the bill and leave you feeling like a celebrity! Whether you’re looking for the lips of your dreams, to smooth stubborn wrinkles or to make your cheekbones pop, our treatments cater to every beauty budget.